Free Risk Management Assessment of Your Premises

One Of The Value Added Services We Provide To Our Policyholders Is a Free Risk Management Assessment Of Your Premises.

Howick Mutual has three full time on-staff Loss Prevention Technicians who will come to your home, farm or commercial business to identify any potential risks that may cause a loss. Our Loss Prevention Technicians have worked in the electrical, construction and agricultural fields and are trained to understand the legal and safety requirements of woodstoves, fireplaces and other heat sources. They are continually upgrading their skills to ensure that they can provide you with the most current information available to help you make your property as safe as it can be.

Another advantage of being insured with Howick Mutual is that we also offer fire extinguishers, surge protectors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors at cost to our policyholders. We also provide free refills on all fire extinguishers.

If you are a policyholder and wish to make an appointment with one of our Loss Prevention Technicians, purchase a fire prevention product or to have your fire extinguisher picked up for re-fill, please contact our office at 1-800-265-3033 and our Loss Prevention Administrator will be happy to assist you.

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