Benefits of Insuring With a Mutual

Why insure with an Ontario Farm Mutual?

When you insure with an Ontario Farm Mutual, you automatically become a member of our company. That means that you are invited to our Annual General Meeting and have a voice in important decisions such as electing a Board of Directors.

With Mutual companies, premiums stay in the community; employing your neighbours, supporting the local economy and giving back. We invest in local projects and support what matters most to our policyholders.

Ontario Mutuals include 37 independent insurance companies that grew in the small towns and rural areas that form the backbone of our province. Together, we represent one of the strongest, most secure, financial networks in the world.

The Fire Mutual Guarantee Fund forms the bedrock of the Mutual system in Ontario. Together with Farm Mutual Re and OMIA (Ontario Mutual Insurance Association), the Fund delivers a unique and extremely secure business model.

The underlying principles of the Mutual insurance have not been of profit, but of cooperation and self-reliance.

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