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Email: Phone: (519) 335-3561
Email: Phone: (519) 335-3561


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Preventative Products: As a service for our policyholders Howick Mutual offers a number of “preventative products” which can help you protect yourself, help prevent insurance claims and consequently help keep your premiums low.

Surge Protection: We offer a variety of surge protection units to help prevent lightning damage to electrical equipment and will pay our policyholder’s deductible should they have a loss due to lightning or power surge after they have installed protection recommended and approved by our Loss Prevention staff.

Reflective Tape: To help prevent farm related accidents on the roads, reflective tape is available from our office. This tape makes farm equipment easier to spot at night and could save your life. We will even install it on our policyholder’s equipment.

Fire Extinguishers: Fire extinguishers are available at cost to our policyholders in various sizes and types. Fire extinguishers can be dropped off at our office or at your Broker’s office to be refilled at no cost to our insured’s.

Engravers: Personal property that is clearly marked with your name and/or license plate information is easier to identify when recovered by police. Thieves will also think twice about stealing marked items as they are tougher to sell. Engravers are available at our head office for our insured’s to borrow if they wish to take advantage of the service.

Detectors: Both smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are available at cost to our insured’s.

“Managed risk that creates stability and provides peace of mind”


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