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Email: Phone: (519) 335-3561
Email: Phone: (519) 335-3561

Residential Insurance

Howick Mutual offers potential policyholders a variety of insurance packages, all with coverages that best suit their specific needs. Coupled with these packages are a number of discounts for qualified insureds. Discounts for local and monitored alarm systems, residential surge protection, three years of being claims free and dual policy discounts may all apply to keep your premiums low.

  • Boat and Motor Floaters
  • Condominium Owner’s Package
  • Homeowner’s Packages (Plus, Broad, Standard)
  • Personal Article Floaters (jewellery, cameras, sports equipment, etc.)
  • Personal Umbrella Liability Policy
  • Seasonal Homeowner’s Package
  • Senior’s Tenant’s Package
  • Student Tenant’s Package
  • Tenant’s Package


Please contact us if you would like more information about any package listed above, or if you’d like assistance inĀ finding a broker.


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