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Email: Phone: (519) 335-3561
Email: Phone: (519) 335-3561

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Howick Mutual is an Ontario Mutual Insurance Company located in Wroxeter, Ontario and was established in the year 1873. As of January 1, 2014 Howick Mutual amalgamated with Grey Bruce Mutual. The new amalgamated company is called Howick Mutual Insurance Company with head office located in Wroxeter and satellite office located in Hanover. We are a locally owned and operated insurance company now governed by a Board of 9 Directors elected by our Policyholders. Daily business is conducted by a staff of 24 including a President CEO, Managers, Accounting Staff, Underwriters, Claims Representatives, Loss Control Officers and Support Personnel.

The “mutual” aspect of our company is that our Policyholders are ultimately the most important aspect of our existence. There are no profits paid to outside shareholders as we are 100% owned by our Policyholders. Policyholders within the mutual system determine the future of the company through electing company Directors from their ranks to help set company policy and determine company operating procedures.

Through our own guarantee fund and reinsurance plan, we’re backed by every mutual in the system. So while you are dealing with a small town company that realizes the importance of quality service and community involvement, you can rest assured that in hard times your small town company has an extensive support network of other mutual insurance companies to rely on.

As a policy holder, you will join your neighbours in owning Howick Mutual, electing a board of directors and having a say in how the company is run.

Howick Mutual is an independently operated insurance company, in business for over 140 years. Our strength and stability is testament to the quality of our insurance products and the quality service that has become our mission.

At Howick Mutual we try to approach everything that we do with our mission statement in mind…

“To provide personalized insurance solutions through our professional team to meet our customer’s evolving needs”

The insurance needs of people who live in rural areas and small towns are different to those who live in larger communities. Our directors, staff and brokers understand this – because they live, work and raise their families alongside their policyholders. They attend your church, their kids go to school with your kids, they are a member of the same community organizations as you, they play on the same slo-pitch team. They know first-hand about the changes taking place in your community, because they are a part of your community.

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